Deer Species in the UK

There are actually six species of deer in the UK. The two native deer species are the Scottish Red Deer and Roe Deer. Meanwhile, the four non-native deer species are the Sika Deer, Muntjac Deer, Fallow Deer, and Chinese Water Deer.

Their preferred habitats are wet and low-lying lands such as the fenlands of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. They also take shelter on river shores, in reed beds, fields, and woodlands.
Primarily, the distribution of the six deer species is in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and Bedfordshire. There are also reports of a few scattered sightings in different areas in the UK.

Sika Deer

28 Jul 2021

The Sika deer originates from Japan and has an attractive white-spotted coat in summer. Their typical lifespan is up to 16 years old, and they are particularly prevalent in the New Forest. Unfortunately, they are seen as a pest due to the damage they do to trees.

Scottish Red Deer

16 Jun 2021

The Scottish red deer initially migrated from Europe, probably during the stone age. They are Scotland's largest land mammal and live on the open moorlands. The best place to see them is in Galloway Forest Park, particularly early morning or evening when they may be grazing.

Roe Deer

10 May 2021

The roe deer is native to the British Isles and is usually found in forests and woodlands. They are solitary creatures, only forming small groups in winter. Roe deer have a particularly distinctive call, much like a dog barking. However, the youngsters are also capable of making a whistling sound.